Friday, August 26, 2011

fantastic story

The other day I tagged along with my family to celebrate the military graduation for one of my relatives. I was delighted to go, as I thought it would be fun to witness, and it would relieve me of my day to day boredom. What I hadn’t know before was that it was during the day, I was expecting it to be some time after the really bright time of the day, around 5pm or so.

            Any other time of year I wouldn’t have had a problem with the time, but my sleep schedule hasn’t been ‘normal’ recently. I’d go to sleep at 10am and wake up at 7pm, those times when the sun isn’t really out. Just before I was about to go to sleep at 10am, we had to start getting ready, so I hadn’t slept all day.

            Not getting any sleep on the way to the grad, and sitting in uncomfortable benches, we had to wait 2 hours before the ceremony started. The ceremony itself was more than an hour long, which wasn’t bad, but when you’re about to fall asleep while standing up, it feels like forever. Hanging on for dear life, I started to witness some amazing things, stuff you’d normally see while on drugs.

This is what the graduates looked like.                                 This is what the speaker looked like.

            I managed to stay awake for the whole ceremony, and was excited to go home and sleep. As I walked towards the exit, I completely forgot that it was that time of day when the sun was really bright.

The sun must’ve known that, because of my sleep schedule, I haven’t seen the sun in weeks, he greeted me by embracing me with all the brightness he had.

My eyes felt like they were being ripped out of my skull. It felt like death, like two swords were being driven into each eye socket, and straight into my brain. The pain was unbearable, and not wanting to look like an idiot with his eyes covered in front of hundreds of people, I tried to endure the pain. For the rest of the day, I had a splitting headache and my eyebrows hurt.

newton and lift?

The amount of air diverted by the wing is proportional to the speed of the wing and the air density. The vertical velocity of the diverted air is proportional to the speed of the wing and the angle of attack. The lift is proportional to the amount of air diverted times the vertical velocity of the air. The power needed for lift is proportional to the lift times the vertical velocity of the air.

That being said, we can fly, right? :)